we guarantee that during the winter season 2019/2020 there will be always at least the following piste kilometers operational:

30/11/19-21/12/19 : 50 kilometers
21/12/19-28/03/20 : 70 kilometers
28/03/20-25/04/20 : 50 kilometers

That means there will be always good skiing conditions.

In the unlikely case that 7 days prior to your booked holiday with us there will be less piste kilometers than the above operational , you can then cancel your holiday - and we will refund the money you have paid to us.

On condition, of course, that we will have received your cancellation via e-mail, not later than 7 days prior to your booked holiday, saturday, 12 a.m.

In case you decide to arrive anyhow, and then in Livigno decide not to take the skipass you have booked to us, we will immediately refund you for them. Each adult skipass:

21/12/19-28/12/19 : 201 Euros
28/12/19-04/01/20 : 222 Euros
04/01/20-11/01/20 : 201 Euros
11/01/20-25/01/20 : 182 Euros
25/01/20-01/02/20 : 201 Euros
01/02/20-28/03/20 : 222 Euros
28/03/20-04/04/20 : 201 Euros
04/04/20-11/04/20 : 182 Euros

These refunds for skipasses would be, in most weeks, more or less equivalant to 50% of your total holiday cost.

There will be, of course, no refunds for ski passes for children under 8 years, as their skipasses are gratis.

And also no refunds for ski passes for the Skipass Free weeks, before 21/12/20 and after 11/04/20.